Ex-Pfizer VP: Stop vaccinating people who are not at risk of dying from coronavirus


(Natural News) Former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Michael Yeadon implored those in the medical profession to stop giving Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines to people who are not at risk of dying from the virus.

“Just stop giving them the vaccine. People are dying,” Yeadon said in the Delingpod podcast with James Delingpole.

He cited the recent cases of blood clots in the brain associated with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in Germany where the victims were mostly women under the age of 60. “Those are women who would not have died of the virus. They’re being killed by the vaccine,” said Yeadon, who has an extensive experience as allergy and respiratory researcher.

Germany had since suspended the use of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for people aged below 60 because of the risk of rare blood clots.

Yeadon slams AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine trial in children

Yeadon also questioned the clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines in children, noting that there had been zero deaths among previously healthy children who acquired the disease. He specifically slammed the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine trial in 300 children.

“It’s an awful, awful behavior. We’re exposing 300 children to get results that will be used for public relations purposes to coerce you to bring your children (for vaccination),” Yeadon said.

University of Oxford, which developed the vaccine with AstraZeneca, said that it had suspended that trial of the vaccine in children and teenagers in Britain while it waits for regulatory guidance.

According to Yeadon, the results of that trial don’t really matter because it is statistically underpowered. Meaning, the test has relatively poor probability of detecting a specific effect.

For example, the test won’t detect if the vaccine can lead to the death of one in 1,000 children. Without that data, you will not know that 10,000 in every 10 million children will be at risk of dying after getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

So he urged the parents not to bring their children to vaccination sites if and when a COVID-19 vaccine for children gets authorized.

“Why would you want to take the risk of a new technology vaccine which is a few months old and give it to millions of children? The answer cannot be to save them from coronavirus,” Yeadon said.

Vaccination drives lead to creation of vaccine passports

Yeadon thinks there is a bigger reason why governments insist on vaccinating everyone: vaccine passports.

Those who own or operate the vaccine passport database (i.e., the governments) will have complete control of people. They will determine where people can or can’t go depending on their immunization status. They will determine the privileges a person can get.

“They want to have a common platform database with your name, unique ID and immunization status,” Yeadon said. “That platform provides the perfect tool for totalitarian control of every living being on the planet.”

There is no medical reason behind it, according to Yeadon. Governments simply want more control.

Governments can’t say they want to protect the vaccinated people from the non-vaccinated people because the vaccinated ones are supposedly immune to the disease. The only plausible reason they can give is that they want to protect the non-vaccinated from each other.

But even that reasoning is flawed. Having vaccine passports promotes division in society. It’s like segregating the vaccinated from the non-vaccinated population. So instead of protecting non-vaccinated people from each other, the governments actually encourage them to converge and live a life separate from the vaccinated population.

Of course, governments don’t want that scenario. They prefer to control everyone. They want to create a world where they can monitor every action and predict every outcome.

That’s why they’re trying to get everyone vaccinated. “They want something that has nothing to do with protecting you from this virus,” Yeadon said.