Jagmeet Singh Just Suggested Trudeau Will "Follow Trump Into War" With Iran


For the second time in just a number of days, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has publicly shared his concerns about Justin Trudeau’s handling of the U.S. attack on Iran, suggesting that the Prime Minister could “follow Trump into war.” Taking to Twitter, Singh criticized Justin Trudeau's US-Iran response, and called on him to "help calm tensions" between the two countries.

Just days into 2020, US President Donald Trump made international headlines by ordering an airstrike to take out the Iranian military leader, Major General Qassem Suleimani.

As relations continue to deteriorate between the US and Iran, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has drawn criticism from other Canadian leaders, accused of failing to respond appropriately to the situation unfolding across the border.

Responding to the news of Trump’s actions in Iran, Jagmeet Singh publicly called-out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Twitter, urging him to “act quickly … to de-escalate the situation,” and warning him not to “be drawn into the path that President Trump is taking."

However, days later, it seems Singh is still not satisfied with Trudeau’s action on the matter, as he has called on the Prime Minister once again to take direct action regarding the conflict.

In a tweet on Tuesday morning, the NDP leader wrote, "Three days since the US attack killed a top Iranian General and we still have not heard directly from PM Trudeau."

Singh went on, "Canadians don't want another war. Mr. Trudeau needs to speak to Canadians and show us his plan for Canada to help calm tensions - not follow Trump into war."

In a follow-up tweet, Singh added, "Canadians need answers from the PM. What’s the plan for Canadians serving there? What’s the plan to help bring peace?"

While Prime Minister Trudeau is yet to make any official statements or announcements about the conflict between the US and Iran, he has taken to social media on several occasions to acknowledge the developments across the border.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Trudeau wrote, "The safety & well-being of Canadians in [Iraq] is our top priority, and we’ll keep monitoring the situation closely and encouraging de-escalation."