Unbelievable ! —Another 5G-Infected Nation Battling “Coronavirus” (it’s Italy)!


Italy is now in the midst of trying to contain a “Coronavirus” epidemic. The nation, which made a deal with Huawei and has been infected by 5G since June 2019, has suddenly become the newest battlegrounds for the “disease.” I said in my article, “Coronavirus (Covid-19) Is Not What You Think,” that if you want to know where “Coronavirus” will spread to next, it won’t make sense geographically like the path of an actual plague, which would be similar to a wildfire. Instead, if you want to know where “Coronavirus” will hit next, you will look for the places that have proudly launched 5G, which are most likely to be associated with Huawei.

Shame on Italy’s new government that we had so much faith in! A government that we thought was the only government in Western Europe to stand up against the dangerous migrant situation sweeping across the continent East from the Atlantic! Having been invaded by 700,000 migrants, new Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte was heavily criticized by other EU “leaders,” most specifically France’s Emmanuel Macron, for rejecting a boat filled with 500 African migrants. He was labelled “unsympathetic,” and “fascist,” and was compared to being “the Donald Trump of Europe.”

Speaking of whom, and as we get back to the main point of this article, United States President Donald Trump made grave warnings to the new Italian Prime Minister of Innovation, Paola Pisano, as well as Prime Minister Conte, about 5G, and ESPECIALLY about making any deals with Huawei.