Terrified grandma finds ‘demon with horns’ standing over toddler’s bed


A terrified grandma is begging for help after capturing ‘a demon’ standing over her grandchild’s bed - just days after the tot was heard warning an invisible intruder to ‘go away’.

Tory McKenzie set up a motion-activated camera at her son’s house after complaints his two-year-old daughter Amber McKenzie was talking to something unseen in the middle of the night.

The 41-year-old checked her camera’s app four days later to find a bone-chilling image of a figure standing inches away from the sleeping tot and her seven-month-old brother Michael McKenzie, with ‘a horn on its head and long claws’.

The ‘creature’ is captured standing awkwardly, looking upwards just seconds before the infamous 3am witching hour and Tory insists the discovery has left her fearing for her grandchildren’s lives.

When she tried to rid the house, which was hers but is now owned by her son, of the ‘evil presence’ by burning oils, she claims cabinets and curtains opened and closed and music began to play by itself.

Disturbing discovery

Mum-of-five Tory shared her story via a paranormal Facebook page to ask for advice and users were horrified, with many warning her to sell the house and others agreeing it looks ‘demonic’.

And the fearful grandma hit back at those who were so stunned by the image that they claimed it had to be fake, insisting she just wants to protect her family and does not have the technical ability to alter the photo.

The family previously recorded orbs floating around the children’s bedroom, but the new image captured in January [JAN 7] has triggered Ryan to take Amber and Michael out of their room and into his.

I just want to get rid of whatever it is

Tory, from Las Vegas, Nevada, said: “It was so shocking when I saw it. I had to do a double take. The first thing I saw was horns on its head, so you immediately think it’s the devil or a demon.

”When we caught videos of the orbs we thought it was a family member looking after the kids, but that picture, I have no idea. It’s terrifying.

”I showed the kids and my 13-year-old son was scared by it. I ran over to the house and showed my eldest son. We were just in shock and he couldn’t explain it either.

”Everybody was asleep, so it couldn’t have been my son or his partner. We have still shots of him in there and it looks nothing like that. I know that it’s something supernatural.

”Ryan has moved the kids out of their room and into his room. Nothing bad has happened to them yet, but it’s the fact that it could.