Demons MATERIALIZING in start of epic WAR against humanity


(Natural News) As we are seeing in widely shared media reports and surveillance photos, humanoid-shaped demons are now increasingly materializing as a run-up to Satan’s war against humanity. Corporations like Nike are openly promoting “Satan shoes” that are covered in Satanic imagery and claim to contain one drop of actual human blood.

Hollywood and the music industry are doubling down on their open worship of Lucifer, and the DEMONcrats are making sure that open borders child trafficking remains in full operation so that a steady supply of children can be made available to them for child sacrifice and satanic rituals involving live blood and adrenochrome extraction.

Vaccine companies, meanwhile, are announcing the start of vaccine medical experiments on six-month old infants using vaccines made with aborted human fetal tissue, which is one way that Satan worshipers are able to “claim” children for Satan. Adding to the demonic assault on humanity, Netflix is about to ban all pro-Christ films and documentaries, even while accelerating its schedule for rolling out witchcraft shows for children.

We are now living in a full-on demonic, luciferian assault against humanity and God, and nothing is going to get better until Christ’s return.

In order to survive the Tribulation years, we will have to:

  • Survive the total collapse of complex society, including the collapse of the power grid, the internet, electronic financial systems and complex supply lines.
  • Survive all the multiple vectors of weapons now being deployed against humanity, including weaponized vaccines, terrorist government operations, censorship, fluoride, chemtrails, pesticides and fear-inducing journo-terrorism from the corporate media.
  • After the collapse of the infrastructure, we will also need to survive the zombie wave emanating from the left-wing cities, where the Satan-worshiping, unprepared masses will fan out, looking for food and souls to consume as they wreak havoc and destruction across the land (a plague of human locusts).
  • Once you’ve survived the zombie death wave, you still need to survive God’s judgement, which means you need to be right with God before the final Day of Reckoning arrives. Otherwise, all your preparedness and survival efforts will count for nothing as you are judged unworthy of God’s protection and sent to Hell for eternity, to sit alongside Fauci and the Clintons forever. (Ugh, the thought…)