Robert Kiyosaki: Big Pharma “threatened to have me killed” for criticizing coronavirus vaccine


In a chilling interview, author Robert Kiyosaki said that Big Pharma threatened to have him killed if he didn’t stop criticizing coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

A violation of the first amendment

He cited Brian Rose, a former banker on Wall Street, as an example of Big Pharma’s attempts to squelch anyone’s attempt to shed light on the coronavirus “plandemic.”

Now the host of a podcast that features in-depth interviews, Rose has made it his goal to help the public learn how to see through “the numbing effects of mainstream media.” Unfortunately, Rose was taken off the air because he talked about something controversial: Freedom of speech and the dangers of being politically correct (PC).

Last November, Rose talked about why continued lockdowns were a mistake, one with huge repercussions on a country’s economy. He also discussed the data the government used to inform their decision to enforce a second “increasingly costly lockdown.”

Citing Rose’s case as an example, Kiyosaki noted that by being PC, you violate the first amendment: The freedom of speech.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, another thing that’s being violated is the right to assembly. Social distancing and closing down businesses is a violation of the first amendment.

Kiyosaki was also worried that rights are being ripped out of people’s hands, which was disturbing considering America was a country that prided itself on giving citizens the freedom to live their own lives.

He also explained that Rose was taken off the air because he criticized LinkedIn, Bill Gates and YouTube. This highlights the importance of being careful about what you say or post online because your freedom of speech is gone.

Additionally, Kiyosaki discussed some of the horrible threats he received after he criticized vaccines. The threats seem unwarranted, particularly since the author has studied vaccines himself and is familiar with how they work.

He explained that the primary reason vaccines are so profitable is because when they’re brought out, you can’t be sued for any failure of the vaccine, something Big Pharma knows and is exploiting amid the coronavirus pandemic.

If the vaccine kills 10 million people, Big Pharma and anyone involved in the creation of these vaccines will walk away scot-free.

First, Big Pharma produces the vaccine, then they get someone well-known, like President Donald Trump or Barack Obama, to push it.