Facebook user gets chronic flu after Pfizer vaccine!


Here's what a Facebook user had to say about the Pfizer vaccine -

Has anyone had side effects after the first vaccine of Pfizer? I had first vaccine Thursday and still have fever, aches, headache, fatigue and cough. I had COVID last March and my nephrologist told me to expect mild side effects especially with the second dose. I believe this to be more than “mild”. I have felt like I have COVID again, maybe aches aren’t as severe but are very bad. I’ve had temp beginning Friday morning as high as 101.6. Still have fever but it’s ranging anywhere from 99.2-100.2. I’m not sure about having second vaccine if these are the side effects of the first.

Through January 22, 2020, Pfizer's vaccine has been linked to 672 deaths and Moderna has been linked to 472 deaths according to an official U.S. government endorsed reporting system.

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