What is evil? Evil is the forced Will of one being, or group of beings, upon another being, or group of beings. Evil is when my Sovereign Will, or your Sovereign Will, is overridden, violated and/or manipulated by the Will of some other being, or group of beings. But how do we qualify the Will of one being when it competes with and is contrary to the Will of another being? In other words, how can we satisfy and justify the Sovereign Will of every being? Moreover, how can we defeat evil? It is easy. It can, and will, be done if YOU will join in this Crusade.

There are two factors that provide for the solution to all problems and the defeat of evil. They are:

1.) The reality that all human beings start out as children whom are young, developing, malleable, impressionable, easily influenced and vulnerable.

2.) The reality that there is a "private" domain and a "public" domain.

There exists one great Universal, Sacred and Eternal LAW, which works in conjunction with the aforementioned two factors: “You are free to do absolutely anything and everything you want to do so long as you are not violating the Sovereign Will of another being.”

Clearly, the LAW works. But the two factors that it works in conjunction with have been, and are being, completely disregarded and ignored.

The "private" domain is easy to accommodate and satisfy with the LAW, especially if you are single. It is only slightly complicated if you have children, as that reality brings with it much greater responsibilities.

The "public" domain is more complicated. But it can be easily accommodated - especially when people are willing to incorporate the age-old adage: "With freedom comes responsibility."

The most complicating and confounding aspect of the "public" domain is the media: Hollywood, television producers, commercials, cartoons, music, music videos, video games, advertisements, news broadcasts, etc. These "public" means of entertainment - not to be confused with information - have the ability to influence, impact and effect the Will of other beings in both "private" and "public" domains. Hence, by default they are evil. Again, evil is that which overrides, violates and/or manipulates the Will of another being.

All forms of entertainment media are guilty of overriding, violating and manipulating the Will of other beings - most often in negative and harmful ways - because they are constantly producing and spewing out into society and delivering into the young, developing, malleable, impressionable, easily influenced and vulnerable minds of our children and youth never-ending streams of immoral, perverted, indecent, filthy, violent, self-destructive messages and content. Their unbridled, uncensored, unregulated, ungoverned and irresponsible content violates the Will of many beings. Hence, in the "public" domain they should be censored, governed and regulated. Information - not to be confused with entertainment - should never be censored, governed or regulated.

The uncensored, ungoverned, unregulated, free flow of information spawned by individual Sovereign beings through audio-visual means, which includes thoughts, ideas, views and opinions that may be scientific, spiritual, philosophical, social and/or political in nature, along with censorship, governing and regulating of entertainment in the "public" domain is the only way to go.

Public display and public accessibility are two different things. Making anything openly audio-visual in the "public" domain requires a degree of censorship, governing and regulation. Making things publicly accessible in the "public" domain, such as public access to a computer in a public library, which provides for access to the free flow of information on the internet, or accessing alcohol in a public store, all have regulatory safeguards in place.

Open audio-visual displays in the "public" domain demand and require censorship, governance and regulation. Nobody's Rights are being taken away from them because they have access to whatever they want in their own "private" domain, which may include their home or a relevant business setting. The internet, which is the information superhighway, can be regulated within a public library or a home wherein children reside. Nothing should ever be censored, governed, regulated or removed from the information superhighway. This is especially true as it pertains to social media censorship.

Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies are guilty of violating the free flow of information. They wrongfully and illegally discriminate against Sovereign beings and unlawfully censor their personal thoughts, ideas, views and opinions, which may be scientific, spiritual, philosophical, social and/or political in nature. The executives of these companies are criminals who are guilty of Human Rights violations. They are guilty of violating the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Commerce laws that protect Free and Fair Trade. They are also guilty of utterly disregarding and disrespecting the valuable time, energy, efforts and money that many people have exhausted, invested and spent pouring their hearts, minds and souls into developing their business/brand and following. There are people who have spent years expressing their thoughts, ideas, views and opinions – writing posts, tweets and uploading videos – acquiring thousands of fans and followers… just to have it all instantly - without notice, recourse, remedy or resolve - taken away from them in an unsuspecting instant. That is a CRIME.

To Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and all elected government politicians and officials who have allowed, and continue allowing, them to get by with their CRIMES I say:

I hereby call upon The Creator – “God” – The Maker of all that is, ever was and ever will be to strike His Righteous Judgment, Indignation and Vengeance upon each and every one of you. Amen