Alleged and so-called “viruses” and “pandemics” are conveniently used as a scapegoat reason for why people get sick and die - taking culpability and liability away from the corporations that make people sick with their chemicals, toxins and poisons. According to the highly compensated scientists and doctors who work on behalf of certain mega corporations it is not the excessive consumption of tobacco, vaping, alcohol, processed foods, artificial colorings, flavorings, dyes or tattoo inks saturating the largest organ on the human body that is making people sick and killing them - it is “viruses."

The "Coronavirus Global Pandemic" was not only conveniently used as the ultimate tactic and weapon for sabotaging the 2020 US Presidential Election by providing the Democrats with three additional months to stuff hundreds of thousands of fake ballots and set up rigged voting machines, it is the ultimate tactic and weapon for scaring and coercing people into receiving unhealthy, poisonous, dangerous and deadly vaccines.

By conveniently asserting that people can be carriers of an alleged “virus” – along with its deadly disease causing characteristics - without even knowing it, they have cunningly manipulated people into covering their vital airways and re-breathing their own carbon dioxide and bacterial mouth waste so as to avoid being transmitters of death unto others. What a clever, cunning and manipulative tactic they have employed with three simple sentences: “You can be a carrier and not even know it. We must protect our elderly and vulnerable. Do your patriotic duty by wearing a face mask and getting vaccinated!”

It is clever, cunning and manipulative. It is perfect.

Despite the above, there is one thing that will always hold true… only weak, insecure, fearful, uniformed people allow themselves to be manipulated and controlled by others. No individual Sovereign being can be manipulated and controlled by anyone. Moreover, the law - True Law - will always favor individual Sovereign beings. That is why we have the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and Federal Civil Rights. Those laws can never be changed and cannot be altered by anyone - not even the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Thus, we respectfully encourage, urge and implore all law enforcement to uphold and enforce the highest laws in the land – Federal Civil Rights - on behalf of the citizens they serve and protect.  There is no local or state law, ordinance, rule, regulation or mandate that can supersede and override the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights or Federal Civil Rights. Not even the Supreme Court of the United States of America can do that. So it is HIGH TIME for all of our Sheriffs in Florida and throughout the United States of America – the HIGHEST authorities of Law in every city, within every county, within every state within the United States of America - to step up to the plate and do their patriotic duty by seeing to it that all people, whether they “choose” to wear a face diaper or not, have “the same full and equal access to all of the goods, services, facilities and accommodations that are provided within any and all places of public accommodation.” That is the Law.