Deaths in 80%-vaccinated UK up TENFOLD from this time last year when zero were vaccinated


The constant drumbeat from Big Pharma’s pawns in government, media, Big Tech, and academia hits Americans over the head every day with their push for universal vaccinations. Vaccine mandates are spreading faster than the disease itself as millions are suddenly finding themselves forced to choose between taking the experimental drugs or losing access to life’s essentials such as jobs or groceries.

The justification for rising authoritarianism and incessant propaganda in America has been the notion that if we just get everyone vaccinated, Covid-19 will go away and we can establish a “new normal” for society. They want us to forget that the original goal was 40%, then 60%, then 80%. Anthony Fauci said he doesn’t want to move the goalpost to 90%… yet.

How is that working out in other nations? We’ve covered Israel robustly as the data coming out of there shows the tremendous inefficacy of Covid-19 “vaccines,” particularly the recently-FDA-approved Pfizer jabs which is by far the most prevalent in the Jewish state. Journalist Alex Berenson has covered the Israeli data as well, for which he has been bombarded with arguments that Israel is not like the U.S.

Berenson decided to analyze the United Kingdom to see how they’re fairing. They are much larger than Israel with population densities similar to the United States. They are nearly as heavily vaccinated as Israel, having already reached the milestones set by the Big Pharma puppets in the United States. The results were shocking…

“To the vaccine fanatics who are saying, Israel, who cares, Israel’s tiny, muah…” he tweeted. “The UK – population 65 million, ~80% of adults fully vaccinated – is very much heading the wrong way. Deaths are up 10x – yes, tenfold – compared to this time last year. Cases are rising again.”