New Canadian immigration instructions during coronavirus pandemic


Canada is taking exceptional measures to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, and help immigrants and travellers affected by service disruptions.

The following is a summary of policies that were just announced by the federal government:

Restrictions on foreign travel to Canada

On Monday, March 16, Canada announced it is closing its borders to most people who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Exceptions will be made for immediate family members of Canadians, U.S. citizens, aircrew members, and diplomats.

The federal government has stated it will provide the public with more information on the status of those who possess valid study and work permits and who are currently overseas. At this time, it is unknown whether such individuals will be allowed to return to Canada.

Border restrictions will not apply to cargo and goods transportation.

In addition, airlines have been instructed to check all boarding passengers for symptoms of COVID-19, and no one who presents symptoms will be allowed to fly to Canada.

Starting Wednesday, March 18, only four Canadian airports will be open to international flights: Toronto Pearson International Airport, Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Calgary International Airport, and Vancouver International Airport.

For now, flights from the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, as well as Saint-Pierre and Miquelon will not be affected by this measure. Domestic flights within Canada will also be unaffected.