Liberals to host 2020 convention in Ottawa


The federal Liberals will host their next national convention in Ottawa in 2020, the party announced Wednesday.

To be held Nov. 12-15, there will be debates around policy, keynote speakers, campaign training and the election of the party’s national board of directors, according to the Liberals.

“The decision to hold the 2020 Liberal National Convention here in Ottawa, home to Canada’s Parliament, speaks to our commitment to bringing Canadians together and engaging more people in our democracy,” Ottawa Liberal MP Mona Fortier said in a statement distributed by the party.

“Justin Trudeau and our Liberal team are ready to move forward with our plan to make life more affordable for the middle class, grow our economy, keep our communities safe, and fight climate change — and the 2020 Liberal National Convention will help shape the next steps of our work together to build a better future.”

According to the Liberals, their most recent convention, hosted in Halifax in 2018, saw more participants under the age of 25 than any other such event in the party’s history, with more than half of all participants attending their first-ever political convention.

In last month’s national election, the Liberals won seven of Ottawa’s eight federal seats, as well as all four seats in the neighbouring Outaouais region in Quebec. Nationally, the Liberals won 157 seats in the Oct. 21 vote, 27 seats fewer than in the 2015 election.

The party lost its majority in the House in last month’s election, but retained power by virtue of winning a plurality of seats, with the runner-up Conservatives taking 121 seats, up from the 99 the party won in 2015.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives will hold their next convention in 2020 in Toronto, where leader Andrew Scheer will face a mandatory leadership review. As the CBC reports, under the party’s constitution, if the Conservatives fail to form a government, convention delegates can vote to hold a leadership race. The threshold to trigger a leadership race is over 50 per cent.

The Greens, which won three seats in the Oct. 21 vote (up two from 2015), will hold their next convention in Charlottetown in October, where the party will elect a new leader.

Longtime leader Elizabeth May announced earlier this month that she had resigned from the posting.

The next federal NDP convention is also scheduled for 2020. Under leader Jagmeet Singh, the NDP won 24 seats in this year’s election, 20 fewer than the party won in 2015.