MP McPherson urges UCP to use federal dollars for education wisely


After successfully fighting to get federal funding to help with back to school this year, NDP MP for Edmonton Strathcona Heather McPherson is calling on Jason Kenney’s UCP government to make sure the federal money goes where it is most needed to keep Alberta kids safe.

Earlier this week, McPherson wrote to the Premier and Minister of Education to reiterate her call for the province to use the federal money as new and additional funding. And to make sure it’s used to make schools across the province safer.

“People in our province are anxious and afraid because they don’t feel the Premier, the Education Minister, or the government is listening to them or putting the needs of their kids first,” said McPherson. “While I am pleased we were able to get all party support for this funding in the House of Commons, after already watching the Jason Kenney government give away $4.7 billion in handouts to big corporations, a lot of parents – myself included – are concerned that the UCP will not ensure that funding will go directly to where it can be of most benefit.”

On August 12, while meeting in the House of Commons, the NDP was able to get all parties to vote for McPherson’s proposal, including federal funding to provinces to support a safe return to school. Last week, the federal government confirmed they were moving ahead with the funding and that $262.8 million would be coming to Alberta. Today, the Minister of Education is finally announcing how that money will be spent.

“As both a Member of Parliament from Alberta and a mother who is concerned about the health and safety of my own two children returning to school, I stand with parents, teachers, and support staff from every corner of the province who are asking the provincial government to stop failing our kids and get this money where it’s needed, now,” said McPherson. “The provincial government needs to get out of the way and let this federal money do the job Jason Kenney and Minister LaGrange have failed to do.”