'I was really sick with Covid even though I am double jabbed', says Bath man who caught virus


People in Bath and elsewhere are reporting being very ill with coronavirus despite having been twice vaccinated.

Many people around the city are reporting severe flu like symptoms and extreme fatigue.

Builder Matthew Andrews contracted the virus having been out to watch a rugby game at a pub with friends.

He said: "We all went to watch the British Lions game against Canada in a pub.

"I got symptoms shortly after, I was quite ill, I would not have been able to work, I had to stay close to bed for at least a week.

"It was like a severe case of flu, I had no energy, I was really fatigued.

"I have hardly ever had to take time off work but I could not work even if I was allowed to this time, it was quite bad.

"My mother is in her eighties. If she got the same symptoms, it would be very dangerous I'm sure, even though she has been double vaccinated.

"Today is the first day I have been able to get back to work, it's taken nearly two weeks for me to feel strong enough.

"I think people still need to be careful, it is not a nice thing to get."

Sports lover Julian Potts, 53, from Claverton in Bath, was surprised when he tested positive for Covid, even though he had his second vaccine back in May.

Mr Potts says he leads a fit and healthy lifestyle, with surfing and sport among his hobbies.

When he started feeling tightness in his lungs and chest and his heart seemed to be working harder than normal, he knew something was wrong.

He said: "I started feeling really feverish, shivery and tired so I went along the the testing centre and it was confirmed I had Covid.

"I was quite shocked as I think people are a bit relaxed when they are double vaccinated, they don't realise you can still get quite ill.

" I tested positive three weeks ago and I am still not back to normal, I still feel tired and my chest is tight.

"I do a lot of sport so I wear a heart monitor, it went up when I tested positive, it felt like my lungs and heart had to work really hard.

"I know it probably would have been a lot worse if I had not had the jabs but it is still significant.

"I think in an older person like my mother, who is in her 80's, it could be very serious.

"People still need to be careful, it is not a good thing to get and takes a long time before you feel well again, and I am normally very fit and healthy," he said.