Rich Eisen Has Coronavirus and Is Battling Symptoms Despite Being Fully Vaccinated


NFL Network and NBCSN/Peacock/Westwood One radio host Rich Eisen announced Thursday on Instagram that he’s battling symptoms of the coronavirus, despite being fully vaccinated.

The veteran sports newser posted on Instagram that he’s currently in day four of quarantine and battling symptoms. He added that if he weren’t fully vaccinated, Covid-19 could put him in the hospital, or even kill him.

“Every health care professional I’ve come across in the last few days tell me the two shots of Pfizer I got in February are what’s keeping a 52-year-old like me from a far worse experience than the awful one I’m having,” Eisen wrote in the post. “So, be careful if you’re vaccinated and, if you’re not vaccinated, don’t wait another second.”

Eisen said he received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine in February, the same month he traveled to Tampa Bay for this year’s Super Bowl.

One hopes that his post motivates others to get vaccinated, as cases are on the rise again across the U.S. due to the Delta variant.