Double jabbed mum's warning to others after three week nightmare on hospital Covid ward


A single mother from Swansea has shared her fight against Covid as she recalls her experience from a hospital bed.

Danielle Tucker was struggling to catch her breath three weeks ago and a positive lateral flow test confirmed her fears.

As her condition worsened the 34-year-old feared for her life and is warning others not to be dismissive of the virus.

The Treboeth resident had her second vaccine in June and thought she was safe, despite suffering from an underlying health condition which affects her immune system.

"I shielded when the government told me to, I was so careful with mask-wearing and hand sanitising. I have no idea where I caught it from.

"I couldn't catch my breath one day, my breathing had deteriorated and I was feeling unwell. I called my GP who gave me a direct transfer to A&E where I was then put on 4 litres of oxygen to help me" she said.

Whilst battling the deadly virus, Danielle was diagnosed with pneumonia, a common complication caused by Covid.

Danielle was initially directed to a positive wing for observation and later given a bed on one of the respiratory wards in Morriston Hospital where she has spent the past three weeks.

"I'm on a Covid ward of six people, all with different strengths. I really urge people to come forward and have their vaccines, as without it my case could have been a lot worse.

"It's all been an overwhelming, scary and frightening experience. The care I have received on the wards from nurses and doctors has been outstanding. It's a very hustle and bustle ward" she said.

The mother has been flooded with messages of support from friends on social media, paying her own thanks for all their kind wishes.

Having recently been discharged from Morriston Hospital last week, the mother says she is thankful for the support but warns people Covid is far from over.