J.R. Nyquist interviewed by Mike Adams: Coronavirus, China, bioweapons and World War III


(Natural News) Brace your psyche for this interview, for J.R. Nyquist lays out how the coronavirus is just the first wave of the planned communist destruction of America.

The virus is the “softening up” attack, and it will be followed by even more aggressive attacks that attempt to destroy America. Those attacks may include financial assaults, military invasions, nuclear weapons and a second wave of more aggressive biological weapons.

JR Nyquist is a remarkable historian and expert in geopolitics and the history of communism. He understands how China and Russia are both seeking to exterminate the United States of America so they can expand their own world domination plans to include North America.

The coronavirus release was no accident, and it wasn’t some wild virus from bats. It’s an engineered weapon that was designed and deployed to attack America, destroy Trump, crash the US economy, eviscerate the population and pave the way for a full-strength assault on America.

If your psyche can handle it, listen to this interview. It gets even more powerful in the last 15 minutes. (It’s roughly one hour in duration, and a lot of the first half hour is about learning history so you can fully understand the geopolitical moves being made right now by China, Russia and the United States.)