Why isn’t Trump demanding vitamin D production or anti-viral herbs for coronavirus?


(Natural News) Similar to what happens during times of war, some manufacturing companies in Europe are reportedly in talks with government officials about switching over their production lines to making supplies specifically needed to combat the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But where are the similar calls from the Trump administration to produce things like vitamin C and antiviral herbs that can help to boost people’s immune systems naturally for their own protection?

Multiple British engineering companies such as Rolls Royce Aero Engines as well as tractor-excavator manufacturer JCB are said to be changing their operations to produce much-needed ventilators instead. One company in France is reportedly already doing this.

LVMH, which owns perfume brands such as Christian Dior, Guerlain, and Givency, are likewise shifting their operations to make hand sanitizer, which the company will deliver “significant quantities” of to Paris-area hospitals for free.

The British government is asking any and all companies that normally produce what it deems as “non-essential” items to join the aforementioned in manufacturing whatever is needed to help in the fight against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). And many, says Health Secretary Matt Hancock, are “enthusiastic” about this opportunity.

At the same time, the machinery needed to produce ventilators is in short supply in the United Kingdom, and importing more of it during these times could be difficult. Nevertheless, companies are doing what they can to join up with the U.K.’s “National Effort for Ventilator Production.”

While companies like JCB are better equipped than LVMH to switch over to producing ventilators instead of earth-moving machinery, manufacturing medical machinery is quite different from manufacturing excavators, which poses some challenges.

“We have been approached by the Prime Minister to see if we can help with the production of ventilators,” stated Lord Bamford, the company’s head.

“We have research and engineering teams actively looking at the request at the moment. It’s unclear as yet if we can assist, but as a British company, we will do whatever we can to help during the unprecedented times our country is facing.”