Great Canadian BBQ Tickets Become a Hot Commodity


Smoque Shack and the Ottawa Book Expo have announced their partnership in bringing locals the Great Canadian Barbecue alongside the multicultural literary event. The culinary event will present ticket holders with the opportunity to enjoy meals prepared by Smoque Shack that celebrate the best Canada’s culinary offerings. Tickets to the culinary celebration are quickly becoming a hot commodity due to the demand and excitement of the public.

Tickets for the Great Canadian Barbecue are expected to sell out months before the event. These tickets are quickly rising in demand due to the fact that ticket-holders will not only be able to sample some of Canada’s best culinary creations, but it also allows them uninhibited access to the literary festival.

If you aren’t aware yet, the Great Canadian Barbecue will showcase some of Canada’s barbecue favourites. Tickets are currently being sold at an early bird rate and are anticipated to run out within the next couple of weeks. Ticket holders will be given access to sample Smoque Shack’s multiple meal offerings such as tapas-style barbecue items and multiple side dishes like mini mac and cheeses.

Ticket-holders will also sample some of Smoque Shack’s signature Smoqued skewered shrimps and andouille sausage. If that weren’t enough, surprise feature items will also be included in the culinary event which will be ripe for the tasting.

If you aren’t particularly keen toward books, you might be entertaining doubts about whether you’d enjoy the Expo or not. The Ottawa Book Expo has successfully brought about a great mix of different cultures and vendors which assures all expo-goers that there is something for everyone.

Alongside the Great Canadian Barbecue, an all singles mixer event will be held. The all singles event aims to bring together singles of all ages and gender preferences through the love of beers, barbecue and food.

The Great Canadian Barbecue is expected to usher in an era of culinary tourism in the Ottawa area which has restaurateurs, foodies and talented chefs buzzing with excitement. The truly momentous event will be held alongside participating local restaurants and will allow expo-goers a truly immersive food experience.

It is important now, more than ever to support the local food community and help it grow. Especially since talented chefs are anticipating turning Ottawa into a major culinary tourist destination. The Great Canadian Barbecue will be a truly game-changing event for the local community and will provide more opportunities for chefs, restaurateurs and foodies to showcase the love for food.

It is incredibly heartwarming to think that an era of culinary tourism will be ushered on the heels of the Great Canadian Barbecue’s passionate showcase of the food Canada loves. This will hopefully inspire more Canadian culinary talent to come forth and be discovered within the following years and truly bolster the love for traditional and well-loved Canadian food.

The Ottawa Book Expo’s multicultural philosophy has also seen multiple local vendors eager to showcase their skills and passion for cooking. This will turn the Expo and general Ottawa area into a true melting pot of different cultures similar to that of New York.

The Great Canadian Barbecue and the Ottawa Book Expo will be held alongside each other over four non-consecutive days of true culinary, innovative and literary celebration. Over 300 vendors are expected to participate in the festivities to showcase their innovative products, literary work and culinary masterpieces.

The Great Canadian Barbecue is the perfect place to meet like-minded foodies and rediscover your love for Canadian favourites. Purchasing a ticket will also entitle you to peruse everything the Expo has to offer at no additional cost.

What are you waiting for? Tickets are flying fast and they will surely not wait for you. Invest in the ultimate day of unplugging by indulging yourself in the best food Canada has to offer while perusing booth upon booth of new books, authors and entrepreneurial innovations to add value to your daily life.

The Great Canadian Barbecue and the Ottawa Book Expo is expecting to sell out of tickets soon. Tickets can be bought on the Ottawa Book Expo website at an early bird rate while tickets last. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of a truly momentous event that will be remembered throughout Canada’s history.