Operation COVID-19 AI Simulation Electronic Ghetto


There should be no doubt the manmade COVID-19 pandemic and staged panic are the product of a ubiquitous global enterprise being directed by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

There are several signs and distinguishing signals that AI is really running the show. How could such a captivating reality show, involving all of humanity, be produced in 195 countries except with extraordinary intentional design, flawless execution and coordination, as well as the capacity to implement and enforce an ironclad cover-up?

It ought to be intuitively obvious by now that a worldwide production of this scope and magnitude could only be happening under the direction of some extremely well-programmed and field-tested AI.  In fact, the sheer depth and breadth of this OCPP “maggiore operazione” suggests that a much more intelligent entity is at work behind the scenes—Autonomous Superintelligence.

If that is truly the case, then what we are all witnessing is a civilization standing at the edge of the AI abyss also known as Technological Singularity.  None of us should dismiss this singular narrative as we would do so at our peril.


The single most accurate analysis of the cold and calculating execution of OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC & PANIC is also, quite ironically, the shortest coronavirus post published by SOTN under the title: CORONAHOAX: Staged COVID-19 pandemic has all the signatures of an AI simulation.