COVID-19 vaccine sends healthy Virginia woman to emergency room with two seizures


Here's what a Facebook user had to say:

Seriously looking for answers my mom is a 69 year old completely healthy woman who is now just coming out of ICU from 2 seizures back 2 back. Never been in a hospital except to have babies and all her ER testing that show nothing abnormal. However on 2/20 she received her 1st part of the moderna vaccine. I am documenting but the medical staff only care is that the seizure meds are working. No desire to connect the dots or rule out if it was a reaction. All the doctors said they just don't know....this is scary. Where are the data collectors to document the side effects who do I report this to to ensure others are aware of this very REAL possibility? I thought we lost my mom she still can't recall much but she is here and will get better.