1.) They are using technology to develop fun and useful gadgets that entice and addict the people.

2.) They control the technological gadgets and devices they create to regulate the people's usage thereby controlling the actions, behaviors, energy outputs and purchasing choices of the people.

3.) They use their technological devices, gadgets and social media platforms to send out social and political advertisements, commercials, messages and announcements that herald their agenda and objectives.

4.) They reward people who conform and adhere to their social and political agenda and objectives. They censor and discipline people who are opposed to their social and political agenda and objectives. They are using technology in conjunction with the age-old "Rewards vs. Consequences" strategy to engage in social engineering - a subtle way to socially and politically engineer and shape the future according to their own liberal progressive preferences. If you compare the end result - the liberal progressive future they are endeavoring to establish - with say the social norms of the 1970s & 80s, it will not look so subtle. But their means of getting people there is very subtle.


They will also be using technology in conjunction with vaccines in order to mass vaccinate people with nanotechnology microchips, which will enable them to gather biometric information that they will store in "the cloud." This will be used for marketing purposes at best and to send out 5G radiation signals that will make people sick and/or kill them at worst. Of course, they will herald through the mainstream media and via their social media platforms that it is a "new strain of deadly virus" that is making people sick and killing them, not the vaccines.