Vanessa Gyan reveals she tested positive for Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated


Ghanaian media personality, Vanessa Gyan, has revealed that she’s tested positive for Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated against the virus.

“I am one of those COVID breakthrough cases. I’m fully vaccinated and tested positive. We thank God I’m now negative but I’ll tell it all tomorrow,” Ms Gyan revealed in a series of tweets on Friday.

Explaining how she came by a positive test despite being vaccinated, she wrote;

“…Over a week ago, I felt like I was under the weather but more so allergies…watery eyes and a stuffy nose. I didn’t think much of it because the weather has been a bit on the cooler side. As last weekend was approaching, I lost my sense of smell but thought, it’s the weather since I had a stuffy nose for some days.”

She continued; “I let a couple of more days pass then I reached out to @sickofacebook and told him all my symptoms. He told me to get tested because the loss of smell was a red flag. I got tested and well, it came back positive. . I then got my son and nanny tested and they both came back negative. So, I went straight into isolation at home (in my room).”

Ms Gyan, who is now fully recovered from the virus, is entreating people to get vaccinated when it’s available.

According to her, her chance of spreading the virus to people closer to her were minimal because she was vaccinated, hence the need for others to get vaccinated too.

“Please, when the vaccines are available, GET IT! Get vaccinated. People are probably wondering how everyone else in my house tested negative when I had obviously been around them days prior to testing positive. Well, when you’re vaccinated, there’s a much lower chance of you spreading the virus to others,” she added.