Newmarket's Maplelea Dolls reflect Canada's cultural mosaic


All women in York Region are welcome to attend the Canadian Federation of University Women Aurora/Newmarket’s November monthly meeting that features guest speaker Kathryn Morton, of Newmarket’s Maplelea Dolls. 

In 2003, after a decade of research, Morton was proud to launch a product line of dolls that would align with the values she wanted to instill in her own daughter. 

She didn’t want to emphasize body image, dating, glamour and sophistication like so many dolls lining toy shelves today. 

Maplelea dolls were designed to be positive, age-appropriate role models for girls aged six to 12 years and up. They promote healthy, active lifestyles and a knowledge and pride of the country we call home. 

In the global world in which we live, it is increasingly important for our young people to have an understanding and appreciation of what makes Canada unique: our history; our landscapes, and; our wonderfully diverse culture. 

Through the detailed stories in the journals and pages that accompany Maplelea dolls and their accessories, Canadian children not only learn about what life is like in other parts of Canada, but see themselves reflected in the shared Canadian experiences and interests of the Maplelea Girls. 

It has been Morton’s hope that the Maplelea stories inspire children to actively explore and celebrate all things Canadian.